Sparrow Hawk – Pairing

Wine Information:
Wine Name: Sparrow Hawk
Sparrow Hawk Winery
Russian River Valley – Healdsburg, California
Alcohol Content:

My boyfriend and I were looking for a white wine to enjoy during our wine and cheese night. We wandered up and down the wine aisles of the Nugget grocery store in Davis looking for a buttery chardonnay. I like full bodied chardonnays that are aged in oak and have a strong aroma of oak and a nice smooth buttery taste. My favorite chardonnays are from the Russian River Valley and the Carneros Valley. Since this Sparrow Hawk chardonnay was from an area I like and within my price range, I decided to give it a try. On our way out we grabbed some demi-chibbatta bread and Champignon Mushroom Brie made from cow’s milk. This medium-full bodied, aromatic wine was my kind of chardonnay. It was incredibly buttery tasting which paired well with the creaminess of the cheese. This chardonnay also had aromas of apple, pineapple, and vanilla still making it refreshing on a hot summer day. The nuttiness of the mushroom also paired well with the oaky/vanilla taste of the chardonnay.

Cheese Pairing:

  • Champignon Mushroom Brie with Demi-Chibatta Bread



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