Catena – Pairing

Wine Information:
Wine Name: Catena
Producer: Catena Zapata
Region/Appellation: Mendoza, Argentina
Varietal: Malbec
Vintage: 2010
Alcohol Content: 13.5%
Price: $21.95

I love a good malbec. The malbec grape originated from the Bordeaux region of France but it is Argentina that produces most of this grape varietal. Malbec wines are very dish friendly red wines. Malbecs are commonly paired with red meats, as are most red wines. However, malbec’s are also spicy food friendly. This combo gave rise to our taco night wine pairing. This medium bodied wine with smooth acidity and medium, round tannins was the perfect complement to medium spiced tacos. The black pepper aroma paired well with the taco seasonings in the meat and fresh salsa.
Our Dinner Menu: Taco’s

80/20 ground beef
2 packs McCormicks original taco seasonings
Taco Shells
Tomatoes, chopped
Fresh Salsa
Mexican Cheese
Refried Beans

1. Cook meat in pan and add taco seasonings according to taco seasoning package instructions.
2. Prepare all other ingredients
3. Fill taco shells with desired ingredients.


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